Elect a True Hudson Valley Representative

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Meet William

Holding government responsible for its actions and ensuring the voice of the people comes before politics, my aim is to serve the community with integrity. As one of the youngest elected officials in the State of New York, Legislator Will Truitt represents a bold, new generation of leadership in the Hudson Valley. Keeping in constant contact with his constituents, Will has a deep and intricate knowledge of the issues facing both Dutchess and Columbia Counties. Will asks for your support as he continues to fight to keep the Hudson Valley an affordable, safe and attractive community for our seniors, families, and the next generation of young professionals.

my mission and vision

Taxes and Spending

New York State residents are struggling significantly to keep up with the immense cost of living associated with owning a home, saving for retirement and raising a family in a state that ranks among the worst in affordability.

Fighting Against Corruption

The culture that has grasped our state government is one that is corrosive, unwholesome and corrupt. Special interest groups and lobbyists run the show in Albany, as our elected officials cater to their every demand in return for campaign donations and gifts.

Strengthening our Youth

In order for our youth to grow, succeed and follow their dreams, we must invest in them and ensure that they are given the opportunity to thrive. Currently, our younger people are fleeing New York in favor of more affordable states where jobs are much more attractive.

Protecting our Environment

Here in the Hudson Valley, our most special asset comes to us in the form of nature. With the Hudson River running alongside our communities, we are truly blessed with incredible scenery and tremendous destinations that attract millions of outside visitors every year,..