Taxes and Spending

New York State residents are struggling significantly to keep up with the immense cost of living associated with owning a home, saving for retirement and raising a family in a state that ranks among the worst in affordability. The tax burden that we face living in New York is truly a detriment that has impacted our workforce, our seniors, our youth and all taxpayers alike.

Now more than ever, we need leadership in Albany who will hold the Governor responsible for the wasteful spending he promotes, as well as the many State Assembly members who advocate for enormous increases in spending each year. My number one priority in office will be to fight for our taxpayers to ensure that their life in New York State is as affordable as possible. As Assemblyman, I will be careful in my evaluation of each tax dollar that is proposed to be spent, and will seek and call out wasteful spending as it arises, such as the millions of dollars wasted on the failed “StartUp NY” program commercials.

Fighting Against Corruption

The culture that has grasped our state government is one that is corrosive, unwholesome and corrupt. Special interest groups and lobbyists run the show in Albany, as our elected officials cater to their every demand in return for campaign donations and gifts. This type of environment is one where the taxpaying residents suffer, while the politicians enjoy the comforts of holding office.

We need to elect representatives who put the people before all else, and will be transparent in all that they do. As Assemblyman, I will be a strong advocate for term limits on all state elected officials. By promoting and passing term limits, we will eliminate the self-preservation attitude of our state elected officials. To eradicate the stranglehold lobbyists and special interest groups hold over our representatives, I will promote campaign finance reform that limits contributions made by unions and corporations to political candidates.

Strengthening our Youth

In order for our youth to grow, succeed and follow their dreams, we must invest in them and ensure that they are given the opportunity to thrive. Currently, our younger people are fleeing New York in favor of more affordable states where jobs are much more attractive. We are blessed with many great colleges and institutions in the Hudson Valley, but sadly, college graduates cannot afford to live in New York. Our youth need better education, and more available programs to expand their learning.

Protecting our Environment

Here in the Hudson Valley, our most special asset comes to us in the form of nature. With the Hudson River running alongside our communities, we are truly blessed with incredible scenery and tremendous destinations that attract millions of outside visitors every year, helping to stimulate our economy. As a member of the younger generation, I want to see our environment clean and thriving. We must protect our waters and our air in every way that we can.