Will Truitt is a lifelong resident of Hyde Park, where he is proud to call home. From his earliest days, Will has always been a people person who has enjoyed being active in the community. He attributes these qualities to the upbringing his parents provided him with; his father, Bill, a Police K-9 Sergeant, and his mother, Kathy, a stay at home mom. Growing up, Will learned three important rules:

  1. Treat every person you meet with respect.
  2. Nothing in life will ever be handed to you.
  3. Strive to be the best at everything you do.

Will began working at Molloy Pharmacy, a local small business, at the young age of 14. His job was to put together the Sunday newspapers and serve the customers as a cashier. He performed this position throughout his high school years while also volunteering in the community through his church youth group. Upon graduating from FDR High School in 2013, Will began attending Marist College in Poughkeepsie where he also worked part-time as a mail courier and served as President of the Marist Republicans. During his time at Marist, Will made the bold decision to run for the Dutchess County Legislature. The inspiration to run at such a young age arose following his internship at County Executive Marc Molinaro’s office during his Freshman Year. Will’s intense motivation stemmed from his firm belief that we need conservative minded elected officials at all levels of government.

Due to his strong conservative values and dedication to the people, Will earned the endorsement of each the Republican and Conservative Parties, while also securing the Independence Party line after a victorious write-in campaign that earned over 60% of the vote. Despite facing a popular two-term incumbent Democrat in a left-leaning district, Will went on to win with 55% of the vote in the 2015 General Election at the age of 20. He ran a vigorous campaign where he knocked on over 5,000 of his neighbors doors to speak with them personally on the issues. During his first two years in office, Will placed his focus on strengthening core services that Dutchess County residents depend upon most, while also working closely with the County Executive to ensure the adoption of a balanced budget with property tax reductions.

In May of 2017, Will graduated with honors from Marist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Finance while also earning minors in both Accounting and Economics. Later that year, Will went on to win re-election to the Legislature handily with 60% of the vote, and was subsequently named Chairman of the Government Services and Administration committee as well as Vice-Chairman of the Budget, Finance and Personnel committee. In 2018, Will was honored to be named a Rising Star in the New York State Republican Party. Will is a business assistant at Bridge View Excavation, Inc., and is also certified Mortgage Loan Originator.

Will is proud to announce his candidacy for the New York State Assembly, because this November, the people of our district must take a stand. As Andrew Cuomo and the Democrat-led State Assembly continue to undermine our taxpayers with failed policies and corruption scandals, thousands of our neighbors continue to move out of New York. Business owners are overburdened with regulations, homeowners and workers face rising taxes and costs, while state politicians are rewarded with gifts and donations from special interest groups. This November, it is imperative that we send a message loud and clear to Albany: no more.

Right here at home in Columbia and Dutchess County, we have the distinct opportunity to light the torch and lead this movement forward. Living in the 106th Assembly District, we have lacked true, faithful representation and leadership in Albany for many years. Together, we will win this Assembly seat back for the people who call Columbia and Dutchess home.